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Ray Keevins
Ray Keevins, Sales Manager, Performance Materials.

As the industry leading supplier in the Wire & Cable market, BASF has developed a new website to better enable our customers to develop innovation solutions and to easily get technical help and product information. We spoke with Ray Keevins, Sales Manager, Performance Materials, about the new website and to understand how it can better enable partnerships with customers.

Q. Why did BASF develop the Wire & Cable Solutions website?

A. Innovative Solutions and Responsiveness were the themes for this site. Specifically, it’s a tool to enable customers to find Elastollan® TPU and Ultradur® PBT solutions and as a portal to allow BASF to respond quickly and more easily to customer requests. The Wire and Cable market is a dynamic business that is growing, competitive and ever-changing; and BASF designed this website to be a tool for our customers, and distribution partner Channel Prime Alliance, to easily find material solutions and to quickly get help. As the industry leader, BASF is committed to developing innovative solutions in partnership with our customers.

Q. What do you want people to know about the site?

A. This site is organized around Solutions for W&C into key markets and applications. We wanted this site to provide a channel for customers to easily reach BASF to get help with product development, to connect with our Technical Experts on processing and have source to quickly reach us for help. Key features for this site include:

  • Solutions Finder – find the best material for your application
  • Ask the Experts – get technical help on processing or material properties
  • Quick Help – use this anytime to reach-out and get help and answers
  • Request a Sample – when you find your solution, use this feature to ask for a sample
  • Brochures and Videos – links to product information to help find the right material

Q. What was most important to BASF when designing this site?

A. Most important to this new website was that it provides information quickly and easily to our customers. We wanted our customers to have a portal that they can use to quickly find solutions, request a sample or get more information. For example, every page has a Quick Help link. INSERT IMAGE OF LINK. Those Quick Help requests come directly to our Marketing and Technical Experts, who are best able to help find the right solution and to more quickly get the information to our customers. Responsiveness is important to BASF because it better enables our customers success.