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Ultradur® B6550 LNX Process Guide


Ultradur® B6550 LNX TDS


Ultrason® Product Brochure

Information on Ultrason® and its use in E&E applications, including connectors, fuse covers, circuit breakers and IC sockets.


Elastollan® Product Range

This guide summarizes the material properties for Elastollan® TPU, and it also describes the product nomenclature the Elastollan® series of products.


Elastollan® Material Properties

This product brochure describes Elastollan® TPU's performance factors and explains the extensive testing it undergoes.


Elastollan® Processing Recommendations

This guide provides general recommendations for extrusion and injection molding


Elastollan® Think Create

Elastollan® TPU is the material of choice for hundreds of products. This is an overview of existing Elastollan® grades and their typical applications.


Ultradur® B 6550 LN

Material properties for Ultradur® PBT for fiber optic cable (FOC) buffer tubes.


Ultradur® PBT Product Overview

See the applications that are enabled by Ultradur® PBT.


Product Range Brochures

Materializing eMobility ambitions