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Introducing Elastollan® N
A 50% Biobased TPU for Cable Jackets and Overmolds​

Sustainability Starts with Sustainable Products

Sustainability is now simple for the Cable and Wire industry with Elastollan® N. Whether it’s cables for EV charging, consumer electronics, automotive or geophysical applications, Elastollan® N is an easy way to make sustainability a value offering for your customers.

Simple, Easy, and Reliable

As a drop-in replacement for traditional Elastollan® TPU, our new Elastollan® N is the same material that you know and trust, but it’s now available in a 50% biobased version. This means it will have the same durability, flexibility, and mechanical properties, as well as the hydrolysis and chemical resistance that you rely on.

You even get the same processability and extrusion profiles with Elastollan® N that you do with traditional Elastollan® TPU.

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Watch to Learn More

BASF’s Mark Ottens (Market Manager) and Dr. Oliver Henze (R&D Senior Scientist) recently discussed Elastollan® N; and watch how BASF enables simple, easy, solutions for sustainable products.

Watch the whole video here